Herbae L'Eau Beauty Milk

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Ideal for

  • Moisturizing
  • Softening skin
  • Floral and fruity fragance

Application area

Apply a small amount in your hands and massage into the skin with slow, circular movements.
In the midst of Provence’s wild gasses, you’ll find a flower with a delicate yet powerful beauty about it: the white clover. gowing in unexpected places, it encapsulates both the softness and strength of the woman for whom our fragance is crafted. Our fragance-inspired body milk is a sparkling yet delicate bouquet of flowers interlaced with wild gasses, preserving the geen note from our Eau de Parfum. The crystal-clear facets of white clover are both luminous and pure. They mingle with the petal-soft freshness given off by notes of white marshmallow and angelica. Enriched with shea butter, our beauty milk moisturizes your skin to pampered perfection.

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