Shipment policy

Standard delivery in Tbilisi within 5.90₾ - 2 business days (Sunday vacation)

 The order should be placed no later than 16:00

You can pay for Tbilisi with both the courier and the site with a bank card.

 To get the order smoothly, it is necessary to thoroughly and fully complete the requested information when decorating.
Out of 100 GEL on the purchase, the courier delivery is free.
Delivery Dates:
Tbilisi -16:00 is delivered on the same day.
Regions -2 business days.

  • Tbilisi Order will return Address at the address Job Hours 10:00 -18: 00 From Monday Friday Including
    When ordering an order, you need to have an ID card and order number;

If you do not receive the order in accordance with the selected service and/or you did not meet the address card, please contact your email: info@loccitane.ge Or number 032 218 51 86


Keep in mind That at the phone number indicated in the order, the courier has no obligation to connect in advance. When ordering, you should indicate the address where the courier will surely be able to deliver the parcel without prior agreement.

Keep in mindIf you indicate an incomplete address, the parcel will be delayed in our warehouse and will not be sent until you provide the right information. In this case, we will send you a letter to the specified email or contact you at the contact number you specified.

Delivery service operates both in Tbilisi and in the regions.

Our beauty ambassadors will collect your order as soon as possible.

Delivery Dates:
Tbilisi -16:00 is delivered on the same day.
Regions-2 business days.

Return and exchange

At the customer's request, the store undertakes to provide additional information about the products purchased by him: consumption rules, safety rules, storage conditions, operation and other rules of use. The store reserves the right to communicate with the customer through the means of communication specified by him.

  • The customer has the right to refuse the distance contract within 14 calendar days without giving any reasons. This term is counted from the day when the customer or a third party designated by him (except the carrier) takes possession of the goods. by filling and submitting the form.
  • The customer must keep a record of the cancellation request.
  • The customer is obliged to return the goods to the store or to a third party designated by the store immediately, but no later than 7 calendar days, unless the store itself undertakes to take back the goods
  • The product must not be used, washed or damaged
  • The packaging of the product must not be damaged.
  • The product must be returned in its original packaging.
  • The store is obliged to return the amount paid to the customer, as well as, if any, the amount paid to compensate for the cost of delivery, in full, in case of delay without, no later than 14 calendar days after the receipt of the notification about the rejection of the contract
  • The store is not obliged to refund to the customer the amount paid to compensate for the additional cost associated with the customer choosing a non-standard delivery service or a more expensive delivery service than the one offered by the merchant
  • In case of cancellation of the purchase contract, the store has the right to refuse to refund the money until the product has been returned or the customer has received a document confirming the shipment of the goods, whichever is earlier, unless the store itself has undertaken to take back the goods.

In order to purchase the products presented for sale, it is necessary to register on the website;

1. You will select the product to be purchased, for additional information about the product, you can contact us on the contact phone number or e-mail indicated on the site;

2. After selecting the product, choosing the desired payment rate and buying the item (if you have selected bank transfer, payment), we undertake to deliver the item to you;