Osmanthus Refill Home 100ml

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ოსმანტუსის სურნელოვანი სითხე სახლისთვის 100მლ
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  • Perfumes the atmosphere

Application area

If your home is dry, use only half a bottle as the scent will spread more slowly and last longer. Determine the intensity of the aromatic liquid according to your taste. Osmanthus blooms in autumn and emits its fragrance just when other flowers are wilting.

Both surprising and unexpected, the Osmanthus flower blooms in the autumn and releases its scent at a time when most other flowers have already faded.

This new home perfume refill perfumes the atmosphere with a unique and delicate fragrance: a green freshness, a velvety apricot effect, and creamy woody notes. Contains an extract of Osmanthus flowers from Guilin, China